Location & service times

Perl Mack Community Center

7125 Mariposa Street Denver, CO 80221

  • Click address above or map to the left for directions.
  • Look for the green & orange bow flags.  

Worship Opportunity:

For the time being, the Vertical North campus will be having service at the South campus (Canyon Creek Elementary School) at 11 AM on Sundays

WHat to expect

Interested in checking us out in person? We're glad you chose Vertical!

Here's what you're probably wanting to know before you get here:

Getting in the door:

Be sure to stop at our Welcome Center when you first arrive. Our hosts are happy to provide you with a bulletin, answer your questions, and direct you to the sanctuary and restrooms. 

Worship Service:

Worshiping God is not only a directive of scripture, but it's also our passion and privilege. So get ready for a great time of lifting Jesus up! If you have children, bring them along; there's always something engaging and fun planned just for them. After worshiping together in the sanctuary with their families, children are invited to head to the V-Kids Children's Center where trained and caring teachers will share Jesus with them at their own level. 


When it comes time to honor God with financial gifts, we do not expect our guests to participate in the offering, unless you want to. Vertical Church is supported by its members and regular attendees.


How long will the service last?

The services at Vertical North typically last 60-75 minutes.

What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable! People attend Vertical wearing anything from jeans to business casual to their Sunday-best.

How can I get connected?

After the service, stop by The Welcome Center, located in the foyer, where you can get answers to any questions about Vertical, meet the Pastors, and receive a gift as a token of our appreciation.

What will be expected of me?

As a first-time or returning guest, you will not be singled out in any way. We want you to be comfortable, so feel free to remain as anonymous as you want to be, but, of course, we encourage you to come back often so Vertical can serve you.

Most of all, we want you to experience what God has for you! Because Vertical is a new church, it wasn't very long ago when we were all newcomers! We hope you'll relax and enjoy the experience


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us!


V-Kids is the children’s ministry at Vertical Church. From start to finish, the V-Kids experience is great:

  • Check-in your children, (ages 2-11) at the Welcome Center, to help ensure their security.
  • Bring your children with you into the sanctuary for family worship.
  • Approximately 20-30 minutes after service begins, the children and their teachers will be dismissed to the Children's Center, where your children will be greeted and directed to their area. 
  • During the V-Kids' worship experience, children will learn God’s truths at age-appropriate levels.
  • At the conclusion of the adult service, please check your children out of class. 
  • All V-Kids' teachers and volunteers are background-checked and trained to guarantee your children the best worship experience possible. 
  • On the third Sunday of each month, V-Kids aged 6 and older have the opportunity to become familiar with the adult worship experience; only the younger children, age 2-6, will have class.